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I believe that everyone has the right to wealth and that anyone can become a millionaire if they use the basic principles discussed on this blog. The concepts behind gaining wealth can be applied whether you are a high earner or low earner. The power of compound interest means anyone can become a millionaire. This blog promotes discussion surrounding personal finance and investment and encourages all to share their ideas surrounding increasing your assets. If you can adapt the basic principles and think like a millionaire then your wealth will grow quite drastically. I actively practice the ideas in this blog and will only promote concepts that are proven to work.
Fri Jan 6

20 Ways to Make Money Online in 2012

Wed Apr 20

is taking in some rays. Summer has come early!

Thu Dec 16

Snowing in London… Again!

Tue Sep 21

Winding down after a double latte. Feels good.

Wed Aug 25

is winding down after lunch with a double latte..

Mon Aug 23

Dont you just hate mondays!!

Sat Aug 21

is happy with the growth of Super Group PLC (SGP.L) since the IPO. Over 100 percent gain on my initial investment earlier this year. Not bad during a recession :-)

Time for a haircut..

Think its time for a haircut..

Thu Mar 25

Is drinking a double latte..